Patient Review by Shaun S

I am nearly eighty years old so this is not my first trip to a dental office. With that said I have never been to a dental office that comes close to this one. When you call initially you know the experience is going to be a good one. Then you walk into the lobby and are greeted by the most wonderful receptionists any office could have. While you are waiting, which is never long, you are able to view incredible photographs taken locally. Then you find those photographs are throughout the practice. Doctor Edwards is the only doctor there so you know who will be doing your work. He is so good at explaining exactly what is being done and always concerned with the patient comfort. All the assistants are fun to be around and very professional. Penny the periodontist is special. It's not fun going to the dentist nor is it cheap, however it's part of health. Since that is the case you won't find the experience better anywhere else.

- Shaun S

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